Can't connect odrive to HiDrive

I’ve been trying to add my HiDrive account to odrive, but it keeps telling me:
"Cannot connect to HiDrive server. Please check your network connection and try again later."
I checked and tried again several times over several days. Still no luck. Can anyone shed light on what is going wrong?

Hi @judithringers,
It is possible it is the same issue as this thread: Can't link HiDrive

The root cause was a period in the user name. It messes with the SSL certificate validation. Do you have a period in your user name?

I’m sorry, I should have mentioned, I did find that topic, but I don’t have a period in my username.

Hi @judithringers,
I just verified that I could link HiDrive, so it is not a general problem. We were able to find your attempt to link in the logs and it looks like HiDrive is returning error code 652, but there is no other information along with that error.

Are you able to reach out to HiDrive and see if they can comment on that error?

I’ll get in touch with HiDrive. Thanks for finding the error code, that’s awesome. If HiDrive can help with a solution, I’ll post an update. Thanks for your help.

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HiDrive (STRATO) responded by saying they didn’t know why I couldn’t link Odrive and Hidrive and to ask you what the error code meant (I did mention you asked me to ask them). So that response wasn’t terribly helpful. I just tried again on the off chance and for some reason both my HiDrive accounts now linked to Odrive without any problems. So the problem appears to be solved, although I have absolutely no idea how. Thanks for your help though.

Hi @judithringers,
Glad to hear it is working now. The error was coming from them, so their response is odd, but maybe it prompted them to look into something under the covers and get it fixed…?

Thanks for the update!