Can't link Amazon S3

I’m new to odrive and finding it very interesting but I have a basic problem. I have linked Dropbox and Google Drive but when I link an Amazon S3 bucket it just shows me an empty directory, This has happened for various different buckets that I have tried - all empty according to odrive. I can create a test folder in the empty area and if I remove the linked account and relink then that test folder is still there, which suggests that it has been created somewhere, but where? If I go into S3 though Amazon all my usual folders are there but not the test folder.

Any ideas?

Hi @simplycomputing,
It sounds like you may be linking using “Enhanced odrive FS” for the “Directory Structure” option, vs the “Simple ‘/’ Delimited”.

Since it sounds like you are linking an existing data respository, you will need to use the “Simple ‘/’ Delimited”. If you would like more information on the directory structure options, take a look at the FAQ section at the bottom of this page:

Ah… that was it. Excellent. Now working, thanks.

This is a great product! If only odrive had a way to move files directly between cloud providers it would be absolutely perfect.