Cannot unsync folder



How do I resolve a folder/file that cannot ‘unsync’?
Is unsyncing considered deleting from the local drive?

How do I fully know if a folder has fully synced or unsynced without going through each of the files and folders and browsing to see the small icons (blue/red) within the root folder? Is there a status displayed anywhere of how much a folder has synced or not synced?


Hi @digiform,
The unsync action will do the following:

  1. Check that the file is synced (does not need to be uploaded).
  2. Delete the file from the local disk.
  3. Create a placeholder file to represent the remote file.

The error you are seeing indicates that odrive is attempting to unsync the file, but the file cannot be deleted from the local disk. To resolve this you need to ensure that odrive has the ability to modify and delete files in the location you are trying to unsync.

When a folder is check-marked, it indicates that all of the local files in it are in-sync with the remote files. This means that none of the files in that folder need to be uploaded. The folder can still have placeholder files inside, however.

When a folder is fully unsynced it will be turned into a placeholder file.

Are you trying to figure out when a folder has every file inside downloaded?


Thanks for clarifying. The answer to the final question is yes. I am seeing files in the subfolders that are not synced even when I respond to the prompt to sync all files and folders including subfolders.

Thanks again.

Hi @digiform,
Depending on the size of the folder you are trying to sync, odrive may “give-up” if it hits too many errors. You can usually run the recursive sync again to try to get the remaining items, but if it is a very large file and the remote storage is throwing frequent errors it could take several times.

To be sure that all placeholders are now “real” files, you can search the folder for .cloud extensions. If none show up then everything is synced.

If you continue to run into a situation where there are remaining .cloud files you can use a more advanced option to “force” the sync, regardless of the number of errors encountered. Take a look at this post for information on that:


Do you know what this error indicates? I was able to force sync most items in the directory and received 26 of these errors for different files in a subdirectory.


Hi @digiform,
Did you black out the path in that image? I just want to make sure, otherwise its a strange error message.

I think the problem here may be that the path is too long (powershell before version 6 has a path limit of 260 characters). Are you able to sync these one via Explorer?


Yes I did black it out sorry, I should’ve used a different color.
I wasn’t able to sync these as the files didn’t seem to exist based on the error. I wonder why as they were on my pc before they were unsynced. Do files gets lost when they are unsynced?


Hi @digiform,
Unsyncing will just turn a local file into a placeholder. The only exception to this is when attempting to unsync an area that contains a file that has not yet uploaded. In that case the unsync would need to be “forced”, because odrive does not want to delete any unsynced data.

The error seen in the shell is due to a path that is too long for powershell to processs. However, this should not be a limitation in Windows Explorer, so you should be able to sync it through Windows Explorer. Are you saying you do not see this path when browsing via the Explorer UI?

Yes I did not see the path.

I did get another error when I synced a folder fully and then tried to unsync it - the error was:


I knew I synced the folder fully because I did not find any .cloudf files.

Please advise.

Hi @digiform,
This message indicates that odrive has not yet uploaded that file and doesn’t want to delete it before it has uploaded when going through the unsync process. Does that file show in any waiting for now allowed lists in the odrive menu?