Cannot browse NAS. SFTP server error

Hi there,

since a few weeks I can’t log in to my synced Synology NAS over the web interface. When I try, the following erroer message appears: Cannot browse NAS. SFTP server error.
The same thing happens when I try to sync a new folder to that NAS drive… In the “Pick destination folder” dialogue it says “SFTP server error.” when I pick the NAS entry.

Strangely, the syncing via desktop agent works perfectly fine as I can see in the SFTP connection protocols. Logging in with FileZilla etc. also works flawlessly.
I haven’t changed anything in the configuration and it has worked before.

Has anyone ever had this issue before?

Hi @c.dufton,
Are you able to check the ssh logs on the NAS to see if there is a connection attempt?
Did you recently change any firewall settings that may be restricting the web client from connecting?

If you have a test account I can use, I can try to se what I get when trying to connect, too.

Hi @Tony,
I can send you the recent log, there are only connection attempts marked as SFTP.
I did not change any Firewall settings.
I’ll send you a PM with a test account login.

Hi @c.dufton,
I see the same issue you do with the test account. The error coming back is an SSH protocol error. You don’t see any errors listed on your end?

We haven’t changed our SFTP integration for quite some time, and my own accounts still work without issue. Is it possible that a Synology update changed something?

Ok thanks for checking. No I don’t see any errors anywhere. Also, the client sync works and logging in through SSH with a terminal is also not a problem. Maybe an update could be the reason, but what could it be? How is the connection through the browser different than with the client? I’m sorry, but I’m sort of a noob on those topics…

Hi @c.dufton,
I need to look into the possible difference between the web client and the desktop client. There may be some dependency variations that could contribute to the difference in behavior.

So I’ve found out, if you keep on clicking the desired folder in the “pick destination folder” dialogue after you chosse “sync to odrive” you can get through somehow. but after choosing ok at the desired location there’s an error message that pops up, see attached screenshot.

can you reproduce that behaviour with your test account?

Hi @c.dufton,
I’m still investigating this, but I may have found a fix. Needs more testing…

Hi @Tony,

any news about the issue?

Hi @c.dufton,
I have a fix and its going through QA. I will update you when it is available.

Hi @c.dufton,
Apologies for this taking so long, but this fix is out in production now.

Hi @Tony,
Thanks for the info! When will it be released?

Hi @c.dufton,
It is out now. Can you retest?

Hi @Tony,
I just retested the issue and it seems to work just fine :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

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