Cannot browse. Check your internet connection and try again

The oDrive Web interface throws the following error when attempting to connect to my server
“Cannot browse MOjO Server. Check your internet connection and try again.”

This is an account/connection that I have used for several years. The Mac sync client appears to be working just fine, so it is something wrong with the web client specifically.

I have the same issue from different browsers and networks.

Hi @wh33ln,
What are the details of the storage that is linked?

SFTP connection to private server using WFTP (

Hi @wh33ln,
Thanks for the information.

  1. Is the SFTP server accessible to the internet?
  2. If so, is the IP/Domain defined in the odrive link configuration the public address?
  3. Could there be any firewalls, ports, or NAT configurations that have changed that could be blocking odrive’s web client access to the server?
  1. Yes, it is accessible to the internet.
  2. Yes, it is using the public address.
  3. No, I have reviewed this and checked multiple network connections.

This is something that all the sudden started happening as we have been using this connection for years without issue. I am finding the same issue on multiple SFTP accounts as well, so it is not user specific, and the SFTP access work just fine with other FTP platforms.

Hi @wh33ln,
These are all still accessible via the desktop client, correct?

I just did a quick linking, browse, and upload test from the webapp, without any issues, using a free, temp SFTP server from here:

I also tested link and browse with the SFTP server listed here:

Since you also mentioned FTP, I also tested linking and browsing FTP from the same rebex test server:

I tested FTPS on the rebex test server. I could link, but I cannot browse. My assumption is that it is due to our lack of support for command channel session reuse for FTPS connections:

Yes, others work fine.

Is there an SFTP service you all use or recommend? I am trying to use Wing FTP Server.

Hey @wh33ln,
I typically have only used it against Linux and Mac systems, so I don’t have something I can really recommend.

The protocol is pretty standardized, though, so I’m surprised its not working. I’ll see if I can find some time to test out Wing FTP and see if I’m able to connect to it…

Hey @Tony , I set up a new Synology server instead of using this WFTP server service on a Mac, and I am having the same issue. The oDrive app will sync fine, but the web portal cannot access the files. Very weird.
I also noticed that it takes a long time for the oDrive client to update a renamed file/folder. It recreates the folder instead of renaming the original, and the old folder will stay for a prolonged period of time.

Hi @wh33ln,
Which protocol are you using for the Synology?

If you can create a test account (can send me a private message with the information), I can try testing/debugging it and see what I find.

@wh33ln a fix went out today to address the issue you were seeing when linking your Synology

Excellent. I see it working now.
Thank you much!

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