Can I sync two local locations directly with odrive?

Can I use odrive to sync two local locations (like two external hard drives) with each other without an intermediate storage service?

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This question came from a user and I thought it was pretty interesting. This would be an unconventional use for odrive, but it should be possible by using a “direct” storage integration like FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV with “sync to odrive” and folder sync rules.

The flow would be something like this. We’ll use OS X as the example OS because it has SFTP built in and available from the start:

  1. Connect both external drives to your system
  2. Enable SSH/SFTP on your system
  3. Link your system to odrive via SFTP over localhost (
  4. Right-click->“sync to odrive” on a folder on external hard drive #1 and point it at a folder on external hard drive #2 but within the new SFTP link.
  5. Right-click->sync on that same folder on external hard drive #1, select “Everything”, “Include Subfolders”, and “Save and apply to new files and folder”

That’s it! odrive should now be syncing external hard drive #1 to external hard drive #2 (and vice-versa) automatically.

Kinda cool, but also a little bit unusual :slight_smile:

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Strange. Does the data travel from SFTP to odrive server and back to the other hdd?

Data travel would be direct. It would actually never leave the local network.

I will just use rsync. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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