Can I link WD My Cloud?

I would like to link my Western Digital My Cloud NAS to odrive.

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WD My Cloud supports some standard protocols like FTP and SSH (SFTP). It is supposed to support WebDAV, as well, although it is not covered in their standard user guide:

On page 85 of the manual it goes through FTP access setup. You will also need to create a user to login with. You can also find some information here: Once that is set on the My Cloud, you can link to it with odrive.

It is important to note that you will not have external access to your My Cloud without setting up port forwarding on your home router to port 21 on the My Cloud. If you don’t set that up you can still link to it, but the odrive web app wont be able to verify the connection and you will only be able to access it on your local LAN, using the local IP.

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I have 3 WD MyClouds I would like to access remotely with odrive.

Could you explain in more detail what needs to be port forwarded–limited experience in port forwarding here.

Thank you.

Hi @hansonm,
It depends on your router, but the setup is usually fairly similar once you know where to look. What router (brand and model) do you have?

Updating this thread with some specific information on linking WD My Cloud using WebDAV:

Create a new share and then add the test user to it.

Please note: I do not have a MyCloud device, so these are stock images. Make sure you create a new share and do not use the Public share. Also do not make your share “public”:

Enable WebDAV access to it to the new share:

Create a new WD MyCloud and give them access to the new share:

Link odrive to that share with the new user:

In this case the new user was “test” and the new share was “test”. Use port 4443 and specify the share name as part of the URL.