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I am using the trial period of ODRIVE. At present my only goal is to clean up old files from several external harddrives and save the files I want to keep to my cloud drive. What I like about ODRIVE is that it maintains the original date modified and makes working with folders easier than Amazon Cloud does. Once my trial period ends with the free version will uploaded files continue to maintain the original date modified when uploaded to AMAZON?

Based on my present needs would I benefit from upgrading to the premium version of ODRIVE?

All replies are greatly appreciated.


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Hi @musicgenes,

Yes, odrive will continue to maintain original date modified in your Amazon Cloud Drive storage regardless of the user trial, free, or premium status =)

There are couple of features which can make your files syncing much easier from external HDDs to ACD

  1. Sync to odrive: It allows user to directly mount his external folders, HDDs and etc… to odrive and map it to remote folder (e.g. any folder in Amazon Cloud Drive)
  2. Bandwidth throttling: It can speed up your upload transfer rate if set to “unlimited” (depends on your connection)
  3. Auto-usync files: to free up your local disk space.
  4. There are alot of of other cool features , please explore here:

Well, if maintaining original date modified is the only present need and you are fine with manually moving files between your external HDD to odrive folder then I think there is no need to upgrade to premium plan.

Although, “Sync to odrive” is something I would recommend to try out.



Your reply was greatly Appreciated. I am trying to understand what is meant by sync to odrive. I open odrive and drop in a folder and it automatically goes up to the Amazon cloud. Is this correct? When the trial ends will this function end also? I am in the learning mode and very happy that I came across odrive.



Anything done within the main odrive folder will continue to sync automatically, even after the trial. The special “sync to odrive” folders (external folders) will no longer sync after the trial.

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I am using the free version of odrive. My needs are basic as I just signed up for Amazon Cloud and need to put files in the cloud from several old harddrives. I am very new to the cloud and finding that files with names longer than 255 characters do not upload. These are files from older online classes taken a while back. I googled and from what I could understand most cloud services do not allow for uploads of these largers files. I then noticed that ODRIVE is holding on to files and my C drive filled up. The files I am uploading are on an external drive and not my computer. Why would ODRIVE keep them in folders stored on my C drive? Once I upload all files to AMAZON Cloud I want to delete them. Later I will go through the files stored in the cloud and delete what I no longer need. Can you help me understand how to keep ODRIVE from storing the files on my harddrive?



Hi @musicgenes,
Can you please post some screenshots of what you are seeing so that we can understand clearly?

For the long file names, You could try zipped them up into a single, short-named zip file that you can then upload for archiving.


I have uploaded a screen shot of my full C drive and a screen shot of ODRIVE properties. I also found the following link on your website but not sure if this is my issue.

Greatly Appreciated,


Hi Debi,
Yes the post you linked to sounds applicable to your scenario. When you add files into odrive to sync to the cloud you can unsync them once they have completed uploading, freeing up the space.

You can read more about unsync here: