Odrive is taking up space on my hard drive

As I copy and paste folders to upload to Odrive my hard drive is getting filled up. If I empty the trash will it delete everything I’ve uploaded?

You can right-click->unsync to free up space. This removes the files locally but leaves them on the cloud. If you are a new user you have the unsync capabilities as part of the Premium trial.

I installed odrive last night. I want a solution for a simple backup of my nas shared folders. I was unable to quickly get it set up and gave up on it. I set up the sync program on my nas instead, and was done in minutes. The nas program uploaded files all night, and this morning all of the hard drive space on my pc was filled. I have to assume that odrive has downloaded files that were being uploaded with the nas backup program.

The main reason that I didn’t use the odrive program was that it did not make it clear where any local files would be stored. I don’t know where this files are and my pc is so unresponsive due to having only 500kb of space left that it is just about impossible to find them.

Where does odrive store local files? temp files? I need to delete these files from my local drive

I am very unhappy with this program. I did not setup anything other than logging into my Amazon cloud drive, and leaving it running.

I have uninstalled odrive, but the hard drive is still full
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @rickbales,
If you had setup folder sync rules on the Amazon Drive folder in your odrive folder then it would’ve downloaded any new files added to Amazon Drive, but this would be the only scenario that would automatically download those files.

I assume you are on Windows. If so, the odrive folder is normally in your user folder “C:\Users\YourUser\odrive”, where “YourUser” is your user name. When you uninstall, that folder is renamed to “C:\Users\YourUser\odrive_backup_yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss”, where “yyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss” was the time at the point of uninstall. The Windows uninstall will remove everything else, so this would be the only place any remaining odrive-related files would be.

Thanks tony
I appreciate your quick response