Badges of folders indicate synced staus even if the content is not synced (and other issues)

I just started with odrive Pro to sync about 1TB on my iMac (High Sierra) with google drive. Despite promising advertisements, I am not satisfied with the performance.

  1. The top folder (google drive in my case) contains numerous subfolders, which contain subfolders themselves and so on. In some cases, there are up to 4 levels of folders. Pretty soon after the start of syncing, most folders become marked with a blue icon indicating that they are synced even though the files inside are still placeholders. How do I find out whether a folder is indeed fully synced from outside?

  2. I couldn’t figure out the approximate overall syncing time or a percentage of the job done.

  3. Finally, there doesn’t seem to be a feature allowing one-way backup to a cloud instead of sync.

Would be happy if somebody could clarify whether these issues are real or I am just not understanding or not properly handling odrive.

Hi @beli120805,

Thanks for giving odrive a try!

  1. The folder-level badging is an indication of either current sync activity ( pink badge) or and indication that there are no “dirty” files (files that have been added/modified locally and have not yet uploaded to the cloud). It is not an indication that all files within the folder have been cached locally. Since we have the intentional concept of “mixed state” for the items within a folder, where you can have some items as placeholders and some items locally cached, there isn’t a specific badging state for “all files within are locally cached”

It sounds like you are trying to locally cache your entire Google Drive account, is that correct? Do you know how many objects (files and folders) you have in your drive?

  1. odrive traverses the structures progressively, so if the structure you are trying to download is very large, you will not get an overall view to total progress for all items, unfortunately. Instead you get an “active” view of progress.

  2. odrive doesn’t have a traditional backup feature. It is designed for progressive, targeted bi-directional sync. Some folks do use it for backup, but it is fundamentally a sync engine, used to keep both the local and the remote side synced with each other and allowing you to pick and choose what you want locally cached while still providing the ability to traverse the entire structure.

Thank you, Tony, for your fast reply. The number of files I am currently syncing is around 150,000, 70,000 of which are photos (dng, psd, tiff, jpg). Anyway, it saves time to know what’s not possible.



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I left my Mac over the weekend with odrive sync of a large folder enabled. Unfortunately, snyc stopped pretty soon and NOTHING was synced in the meantime. Now I am sitting in front of the computer and have to restart sync all the time. Leaving it alone the odrive icon tuns black and nothing happens until I sync another folder. Whats wrong?
If this problem cannot be solved I have to cancel my subscription to the Pro version.

Hi @beli120805,
How are you initiating the sync on the folder you are trying to download?

In order to recursively download everything in a folder you will want to right-click on the folder, and select “sync”. When the resulting window pops-up, you will want to slide the slider all the way to the right for “Everything”, check the “Include subfolders” box, and then click on the big silver button.

This will initiate a recursive sync of that folder. It will continue until odrive hits enough errors from the storage that it has to abandon the attempt or the software is stopped. This can happen a few times if the structure is very large, but it shouldn’t be very frequent. If that happens you can kick off the process again.

The files are all in the cloud, on the desktop they are placeholders. Initially I hoped that it would be sufficient to tell odrive sync the top folder (of course with the slider at the right and sync subfolders ticked). However, odrive stops all the time (the icon turning from busy red to black). I was sitting for hours in front of the Mac re-boosting the sync of every single subfolder. Errors are unlikely because sync is always fine upon manual restart.

I have many years of experience with cloud storage, but odrive is driving me crazy. Had never any issues with google backup & sync. And that‘s what I will use again, but need getting rid of all the .cloud files on my desktop before to avoid further troubles.

Hi @beli120805,
Very large bulk download operations can be problematic, especially on certain types of storage. With 150,000 files, it may be a case of API rate limiting.

If you can send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after issuing a recursive download command and seeing it stop, I can take a closer look.

Additionally, you can try using the CLI, if you are up for it, to “force” the sync, regardless of any exceptions that may occur. Folks that are trying to perform very large downloads, like this one, have found this technique to be helpful: