Automatic synchroniazation


As far as I understand, syncing happens only when the folder is accessed and according to “auto download limit” setting. I can force syncing everything (including subfolders) through the sync dialog box. However I’d like to keep everything constantly synchronized. Is it possible?


Any files that are already in sync will remain in sync, even when new content is added remotely. Any folders that are already expanded will automatically sync any new files as long as they fall within the download threshold that is set. New folders that are added remotely will not be expanded automatically, however.

Is automatically expanding and syncing new folders a planned feature?

On the table for discussion, but no solid plan or timeline for delivery.

+1 to this feature request. (If there’s a more formal collection mechanism for this, please let me know.)

Thanks! I appreciate the work!

This is actually in now. It is called “Folder Sync Rules”

It is part of our Premium package and can be accessed via the folder sync dialog.