Authorize odrive _ Link reauthorized Popoup message

Keep getting a “please authorize odrive to access” popup message and she is not even trying to access a folder. How can we get ride of it??

Hello @yakeline.torres ,

We recommend updating to the latest version, to do this:

  1. Exit odrive

  2. Download the latest version from here:

  3. Install

Give that a try and let us know, thank you!

(MAC client here if needed:

I will try and let you know . Thank you

Hi @yakeline.torres,
Something else to note is that odrive will perform background operations to keep things in sync. This means that as long as something has been synced, odrive will periodically check the remote storage.

In this case it sounds like the user needs to reauthorize access to the linked storage to maintain odrive’s ability to sync to that storage.

And how do we or does she, reauthorize access to the linked storage? Cause she is now getting a “there are items that have been unable to sync for a prolonged period of time …”

I appreciate your help.
One more think when we try to download the new version with the link you provided, we get a “Access is denied”

I cannot find info on how to re-authorize. But there is an option to Deauthorize in the Odrive tray,

  1. what if I deauthorize?
  2. will that mess my odrive?
  3. after I deauthorize, how do I re-authorize?

Hi @yakeline.torres ,
The access denied error when trying to download is definitely unexpected. If you still see that, can you please post a screenshot so I can better understand what you are seeing?

Here is an odrive shared link you can use, if the download error continues.

For authorization, the notification pop-up you are seeing should have a button that will take you to where you need to reauthorize. Do not deauthorize yet, as that should not be needed.

Next Steps:

  1. Upgrade odrive by doing the following:
  • Exit odrive from the odrive tray menu
  • Download the new version, either from the official link here, or from my shared-link above, if that one is still not working for you.
  • Install and odrive will automatically start-up.
  1. See if you are still receiving the “authorize” pop-up. If so, please send a screenshot of that

  2. Send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu after the above steps, and at least 20 minutes after odrive has started-up. This will give it time to initialize and go through various background steps. I can then take a closer look at things

Thanks for your prompt response,
For reauthorize: when we click on the “authorize” it does nothing.
For Upgrading: Im going to try again, however, Im trying to find out with our IT guy if we (employees) are authorize to dowload/upgrade applications. Will keep you posted :slight_smile:


Hi @yakeline.torres,

It should be opening a web browser page/tab. Maybe it is not being pushed to the front, for some reason?

Try closing all open windows (browsers, applications, etc), so that nothing is open except odrive, and then clicking on the Authorize button again.

The error you are seeing during install looks like you do not have permission to perform the installation, as you guessed, and will need IT’s help. If that is the case, they can actually use a slightly different installer that will not auto-start after install. The default installer will auto-start odrive after installation, but the IT admin will be elevating the installation using their account, so we don’t want odrive to launch as them.

Give them this installer to use

Hi Tony,
Never mind, I was told we “employees” are not authorized to upgrade or install applications in our computers, only our IT guys have the rights

Back to this issue, the user keeps getting popup messages
One is the need to reauthorized
and the second one is Unable to Sync, Busy - try again later
IT person already re-authorize for her and re-install the odrive
Please advise

Hi @yakeline.torres,
I haven’t seen a diagnostic come in yet, have you sent one? I will need that to investigate further.

Hello, where do I find my current version of Odrive Im using? thanks

Hi @yakeline.torres,
See my response to your other thread, here:

Great! Found it … Thank you :slight_smile:

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Good morning , sorry to bother again But… this morning my odrive tray menu kind of disappear. I was getting these “authorize Odrive” messages and then I noticed the Odrive menu shorten to 5 lines.

Hi @yakeline.torres,
That sounds like you just need to login to odrive again.

Does it show a Sign In option on the menu? If so, if you click on that, are you able to sign in?

If not, can you send a diagnostic so I can take a look?