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How do I find the current version of my Odrive? How do I know it is updating?

Hi @yakeline.torres,
You can find the version listed in the odrive tray menu

Our release notes can be found here:

The latest release is listed here:

To update, do the following:

  1. Exit odrive from the odrive tray menu
  2. Download the latest version from here: Set Up Your odrive
  3. Install

based on the last Win version 7244 this means I am working with a pretty old version. However, we cannot upgrade Odrive ouselves it needs to be authorized. But my question is how do I know if the company is automatically upgrading us (since we are not authorized to do it ourselves)

Hi @yakeline.torres,
We have an MSI installer that can help facilitate centralized IT deployment of new versions. You can have your IT team reach out to us at support@odrive.com for more information.

Thank you very much I will check with him

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