ARM Linux installation


I was hoping to run odrive on a raspberry pi, but they are ARM-based. It would be nice to get an odrive agent binary this case.


This is something we’d like to offer, but its a lower priority at the moment.

Would love to hear the use case you have in mind, if you would like to share.


This particular project is using a raspberry pi as a media center for a tv. The goal was to sync my music, videos and photos from the cloud.


Is this using something like Rasplex? If so, how were you planning on managing the cloud storage in relation to the media server?


Running Odrive headless on a Raspberry Pi would be a beautiful thing. Thanks for considering


This is available now!


Does the RPi odrive setup allow for encrypted folders?

Assuming there is no headless/cli option, … is it possible using an xserver and a regular odrive UI client to have RPi sync/unsync encrypted folders?


Hi @shaiguitar,
The odrive agent doesn’t support encryption like the desktop clients do. You can sync and unsync the encrypted content in their native locations on the storage, but the decryption would need to be done outside of the agent, unfortunately.


So, what is the official way to have a standard odrive files - most importantly with the encrypted folders & files - on a WD drive attached to a RPi? Essentially debian os. I can’t seem to wrap my head around it:

The sync agent/CLI interface doesn’t support encryption. If RPi/Linux supported the GUI I suppose I could try going that way but as far as I’m aware linux only supports CLI agent. I could in theory try windows 10 IOT ( ) on the RPi, but I have no idea if that is a rabbit hole/a yak worth shedding. Also that feels somewhat like overkill. Like the CLI banner says: “Cloud storage done right”. :stuck_out_tongue: I am a paying odrive member and I would think a RPi & HDD setup would be supported including encryption (premium feature)…Can you help me out/Let me know if I’ve missed something?



Hi @shaiguitar,
The agent lacking encryption support is definitely a hole. The agent never made it out of the beta stages in its development process and unfortunately there isn’t a native way to use encryption with the agent.

Engineering focus is on the next generation product, so it can be pushed out as quickly as possible.

It should be possible to add encryption/decryption capabilities into the CLI frontend to allow for in-line decryption (as opposed to within an Encryptor folder). I could probably merge the code I have for decryption into the CLI code, but I don’t have the time for that, at this point. If I can find some time for it I will definitely take a look.


Thanks for the replies as always Tony. So before I go down the last (?) path of trying the Windows IOT on the RPi link as mentioned above, is there confirmation that the standard odrive GUI software will work - including encryption/decryption folders - in that we’d be able to restore an odrive setup via that method?

I must admit I’m fairly disappointed. If I can’t figure encryption on linux (or more accurately, RPi + HDD) out there’s a decent chance I’ll cancel the membership. Odrive seemed to be easy to work with there seem to be plenty of open source solutions that plays well with encryption (although I would indeed miss the slick sync & unsync, network throttling/multiple providers built-ins…)



Hi @shaiguitar,
The IoT version of Windows wouldn’t be able to run the Windows version of the desktop client, unfortunately, since it is not built for ARM processor.

I certainly understand if this gap on Linux prevents you from using odrive properly for your use case and I’m sorry that we can’t fill it properly, at this time.

I will let you know if I make any headway with incorporating encryption features into my CLI branch.


Okay, thank you for the information.