Apple .icloud files in odrive folder and files not opening

I synced a folder today, unfortunately it messed up my files. I can’t open them anymore and at the same time I find .icloud files on my google drive now.

Hi @marko,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and then provide me with some of the paths that are not syncing properly?

What happens when you try to open the files?

For the .icloud, this is Apple’s icloud feature. This isn’t something odrive has any control over, but we have seen icloud issues reported here, before. Take a look at this thread for some detailed information about that: .icloud extensions on placeholder files

Hi Tony,
thanks for your quick reply…

So, trying to open the files (pdf) provides me with a error message or nothing. It actually differs from file to file. Some of them show the file size of 0, others have the correct file size but I can’t even open the preview.

The indesign file doesn’t work at all.

Some of the files are redundant. Pls see the screenshots.

I sent the diagnostics

Hi @marko,
I took a look at the diagnostic and it appears that icloud is trying to sync these files, as well, which is why you are seeing the .icloud extensions on files. This can cause some unexpected behavior if icloud starts to change these files (offloading them, for example), since odrive will see these changes and sync them.

It seems like icloud may have done something to these files when it was trying to manage disk space.

The first thing we should do is turn off that .icloud offloading feature with these steps:

  • Go to ‘System Preferences’ on your Mac and click on ‘iCloud’.
  • Click on ‘Options…’ to the right of the ‘iCloud Drive’ item.
  • In here you can see what is currently setup. The ‘Desktop and Documents Folders’ is most-likely checked and indicates that iCloud is syncing those items to your iCloud storage.
  • At the bottom of this window is the ‘Optimize Mac Storage’ option. This is what controls the creation of the .icloud files. Uncheck this option to prevent the creation of .icloud files.

Next, we need to sort out what happened to the files. Probably the best place to start is in Google Drive, itself. It looks like you may have a few Google Drive accounts. I want to see if the data on Google Drive is correct and its just the local version that icloud is interfering with.

To do this, go to the Google Drive web interface and try to open some of these problem files in there. See if they open correctly. If not, check the history of the file by using the “information” icon on the Google Drive web client.

Under the details tab, there is a modified entry that has a clock icon. This allows you to view the versions of the file. If the file was modified by icloud, there should hopefully be a previous version that was unmodified.


Alright, I just noticed… it wasn’t me.
My iCloud is turned off. It was done by my colleague. I’ll talk to him and try to fix it.

Thanks for the support!

No problem @marko!

One of the nice things with Google Drive is that is keeps versions, so just make sure to check those if you are having any issues after the icloud interactions.