App and Agent Usage


I have two questions: First, how i can use the Android App? I cant find the ODrive id and the recover function does not work.
Second, how i can use the Linux Sync Agent, to sync entire folders with everything in them?


Hi @tilera.mpz,

Please take a look at this post:

Please take a look at this post:


Ok, Thank You for your fast reply.


The sync from odrive to my Linux machine works, but how it works the other site, from my machie to odrive?


Hi @tilera.mpz,
When you add or modify a file in your local odrive folder, the file will be automatically synced to the remote storage.

It could take several minutes for odrive to pick up the change, on its own. To speed up the process, you can ask odrive to check that local for changes, immediately, by issuing a “refresh” command on that location.