Any plans for an iOS iPhone App?

Hi there,

Firstly love the mac app, and with my reliance on Cloud storage now becoming more predominant, the encryption feature is something I’m really interesting in using more!

However my main hesitation at the moment, is not being able to access any encrypted files on the go, in the way I can with the normal dropbox / google iOS apps.

Do you have any plans for an iOS app with such functionality?



We have plans to develop mobile apps. Our main focus is the desktop, at the moment, but we realize how important mobile apps are, especially with our unique features like encryption and IFS.

Mobile is most definitely on the list.


Mobile is key. +1 for this request, I need to be able to access my files on the go.


Any update on this? Myself and several people I know are waiting for the iPhone app before turning on encryption.

With the political scene in USA (where most cloud storages are hosted) it is getting worrisome. I love odrive but if an app does not come out within the next month or two then we will be forced to seek alternative solutions.

We need encryption AND the convenience of mobile.

p.s. Do you provide an API for odrive and the encryption? If so that would be enough for me to throw something together with friends.


Nothing to report, at the moment, except to say that there are some pieces of this under development.


+1 here too. I’d like to have access to my digital empire on mobile.


Big +1, even if just to make the Encrypted Volumes available.

Since there are IOS cloud apps for each cloud platform already, having a fully functional odrive client is probably redundant. However, since the EVs are otherwise inaccessible from any mobile device, this probably should be considered at least for the EV functionality alone. Just having that would be YUGE! Because of this limitation makes me not use EVs for anything that I actually need to… you know… use.



No mobile app in mid 2017 ?
I will look for another multi cloud tool. sorry guys.

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+1 mobile: iPhone and iPad


+1, need iPhone & iPad support for EV. Will hold off until this arrives.

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+1. Still have to use my google drive because I can access it from my phone.

Have to say though, the desktop version is fantastic.

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+1 folks… the only way to access our Odrive encyptor data securely from iOS is with an Odrive app… can we have an update on development of this app??

Hi @dropbox1,
Take a look at this post for the latest info, as of now:

+1000 here

Please release this sometime soon in 2018!

Hi guys,
Love to know what the status is with the iOS app development.
While I love odrive, mobile compatibility has simply become a ‘must have’ these days.
I have been following this thread since I began using odrive about a year ago, but have noticed little change.
My subscription to odrive is due to expire at the end of next month. While I would like to renew, without mobile support odrive just doesn’t compete against Boxcryptor.
I understand that you probably can’t be specific about when the rollout will likely occur, but can you tell me whether it will be ready within the next 2 months? I need to know whether I am jumping ship.

Hi @graham4342,
We are nearing release for mobile on the next generation platform. We will be sure to announce it when it is available.

There looks to be an odrive app out there, but it asks for a sign-in id that I don’t seem to have. What sign in ID do I use? I’m using an iPhone.

Nevermind, I figured it out… it’s oDrive2 credentials…

Hi @moevin,
I’m glad you found the info! You can take a look at this post here for some more details:

Please iOS support Thanks.