Amazon Cloud Drive unable to sync

Is there another system maintenance that I am not aware of? I have not been able to sync or download any files from Amazon Cloud Drive for 3 days. Every time when I manually sync one file or one folder, odrive will think for a few minutes, and then said “failed to sync”, with no other explanation.

Any idea how to fix it or when it will be fixed? My trial period is almost over and I didn’t get any data down to my computer!

Hi @onyxlee,
There aren’t any issues that we are aware of. Are you able to download from the odrive web client, or does it give the same error?

Do uploads work?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

Thanks Tony. I just sent the diagnostic.

Also, I just dragged a small jpg file to my odrive folder to test. It can upload, sync, unsync (I only got 2 days trial left.) and then download. But I tried the folders and files that weren’t successful, they are still unable to be synced.

What did my diagnostics say?

Hi @onyxlee,
It looks like there are lots of files in the odrive trash, I’m not sure if this is expected.

As for the error, can you tell me what file or files are generating the error so I can pinpoint the location?

Now I synced all the deletion, and tried to sync the folder again. Still the same problem. I just sent you another diagnostic.Hope it helps.

Thanks again for your help.

Either you did something right, or maybe because I just deleted 3 temporary downloading files from the problematic folder. Now it can download files again. Thanks for your help.

Wait, I celebrated too early.

So after I deleted those 3 files start with “.~” followed by a series of scramble, I tried to sync a folder, it still failed. So I tried to sync one file at a time to see how it works. Now it actually says, can’t sync blablabla. Amazon Cloud Drive internal server error.

But when I tried to sync another folder outside this problematic folder, everything looks fine by now. That means Amazon service still holds up.

Hi @onyxlee,
There is one file that is failing consistently. It looks like it has some special characters in the name and Amazon is rejecting the request. I will PM you the details.

Some of the conversation ended up over here too: