Amazon Cloud Cam Clips

I’m on the board for a non-profit girls’ softball organization We have Amazon Key with the Amazon Cloud Cam to control and monitor access to our indoor practice facility. I want to download the Cloud Cam Clips using odrive since the Amazon Drive app keeps crashing, and the clips are only saved for a few days.

The directory was picked up by odrive, but none of the MP4 clips download. The directory is C:\Users\USERNAME\odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive\Cloud Cam Clips<DOORNAME>

I created a Videos directory on Amazon Drive in the Cloud Cam Clips subdirectory thru the web app and uploaded one of the MP4 files there, and it downloaded with odrive.

Is there something special about the DOORNAME directory that prevents it from syncing?

Hi @jonyoung28,
The ‘<’ and ‘>’ characters are considered illegal on Windows (you will see this if you try to create a folder with those characters within Windows Explorer). Can you try renaming that folder within the web client to remove those characters?

For reference:

My apologies. I just used those characters to indicate the naming convention of the directory. The actual directory is named like this: “C:\Users\USERNAME\odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive\Cloud Cam Clips\Clubhouse door”

Hi @jonyoung28,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and provide an example file name for a file that is not downloading in that folder?

Do you see an error when you try to download something?

It has now synced some files, but not all. There are 76 MP4 files in there currently, but only 11 have synced, and none are the new ones from today (2/27).

File name example the did NOT sync: Clubhouse-MOTION-1519695491726-Motion Only Tier-2018-058-01-37-23.98.MP4

This file did sync: Clubhouse-MOTION-1519695410725-Motion Only Tier-2018-058-01-36-44.97

Diagnostics sent.

Hi @jonyoung28,
I took a look at the diagnostic, but it actually shows that both of those files are synced and local.

Can you run me through the steps you are taking to try to sync and then what you are seeing as the result?
Are you trying to perform a recursive sync and it is not completing, or are you trying to sync individual files and they are giving an error, or just not doing anything?

Can you provide some screenshots of what you are seeing, too, so I can make sure we are on the same page?

I set up the link to Amazon Cloud Drive through the odrive web app. Then I downloaded the Windows desktop sync app and installed that.

I right-clicked the Amazon Cloud Drive directory in my odrive directory and clicked sync, sync everything, apply to all files and sub-folder, then clicked the sync button.

I want to sync the entire directory. I don’t care about individual files. If I get this working I have a script that I’ll run to move these files daily to another directory (since Amazon deleted the videos files after 24-48 hours).

Below is a screenshot from the odrive web app showing the 11 video files. I’ve also included a current screenshot of the Amazon Cloud Drive web app showing 70 files.

I’m not at home right now and don’t have remote access. I can share screens from there later this evening.

Hi @jonyoung28,
Check out this post here: How can I force a recursive download with the CLI?

The odrive desktop client will not infinitely retry downloading after it hits enough errors, or certain types of errors. Amazon Drive tends to hit error often enough to make bulk download in one shot hard on the desktop client. The CLI can force it, which sounds like it would fit for your use case.

Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

I link to my AmazonDrive account from Odrive - However, I do not see the Cloud Cam Clips folder. It appears that the Cloud Cam Folder has some special properties and gets excluded from the list. Any thoughts on why this is happening ?

Hi @viresh,
Is the folder not showing on both the odrive web client and the odrive desktop client?

I don’t know why the folder would be completely absent. We show what we are given from Amazon’s listing API.

Correct. The folder does not show up both on odrive desktop client and web client. Problem may not be related to odrive, as I just tested another Synology NAS based tool to sync down the Amazon Drive folder and same thing the “Cloud Cam Clips” folder is excluded. Cloud Cam Clips folder is automatically created on the Amazon Drive by the Amazon Cloud Cam cameras - where they store their recorded videos. So for some reason the Amazon Drive APIs is not passing this folder to odrive type clients. I agree very peculiar. I am going to write some code to call the Amazon Drive APIs and see if I can figure out why the API is not delivering this folder name. If anyone else knows the answer, please let me know.

Hi @viresh,
Yes, it definitely looks like Amazon is excluding this folder for some reason. I wonder if they do not want it to be written to or manipulated by any 3rd party software, so they have removed it.