Adjust Simultaneous Connections (concurrency) for UL/DL


I’ve been using Odrive for quite a while now and I like it a lot. I’ve been using it to sync with my Amazon Cloud Drive.

The biggest problem for me is that Odrive does not always saturate or make use of my max upload speed. (I’ve set the bandwidth throttling in Odrive to “Normal”) My connection is 200 Mbps Download / 50 Mbps Upload. I’ve disabled IFS because I didn’t like the way it looked when I browse through my files from the Amazon Web browser, but that’s just a minor preference issue and probably unrelated to the speed problem.

What I noticed:

  1. If I add a couple of folders to Odrive for uploading (totaling maybe 30+ files. All these files are over 300 MB), then it will only try to upload 3-4 files simultaneously. When I check the Odrive internet usage, it says it uses about only 5-9 Mbps Total Upload speed.

  2. If I only add one big file i.e. 5 gb, then I see that Odrive uses about 1-2 Mbps Total Upload speed.

  3. If however, I add a lot of folders to Odrive for uploading (totaling well over 100+ large files), “sometimes” Odrive will try to sync many files simultaneously. (like maybe 8 to 13 files simultaneously) When this happens, I will check and see that the total internet usage of Odrive will go up to maybe 20 to 40 Mbps Upload.


  1. I figured that for a single connection, my max upload speed to ACD using Odrive is relatively very slow, 1-2 Mbps. This is also the same as if I use the Amazon Cloud Drive desktop app to upload. It might be because I’m based in Asia.

  2. It is however possible to somewhat alleviate the above problem by establishing many simultaneous connections to when uploading files.

Feature Request:

  1. It would be ideal if you could design Odrive to upload a single big file in chunks using many simultaneous connections. i.e. uploading a 10gb file can use 5 simultaneous connections. 1 connection would upload 1 chunk of 2gb. Perhaps this is similar to what some download accelerator programs like “Internet Download Manager” does. However this may prove to be hard or impossible without more cooperation from the Amazon Cloud Drive’s developers.

  2. It would definitely help, as least for users in my case, to be able to specify how many files can be uploaded simultaneously. This is just so that we can be able to fully utilize our max upload/download speeds. I always feel like I’m wasting a lot of time and electricity leaving the PC on (especially overnight) to upload my data, because I’m not able to fully utilize my internet max speed.

With that said, I still like the Odrive app! Please let me know what you think about it and if it’s possible to implement such a feature.

Thank you !!

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Thanks for the feedback @nightzz789!

We are currently working through several refinements in the engine, and transfer management/optimization is a big piece of that. Our behavior in this area should improve drastically here, once we are able to push the new stuff out.


This is similar to the behavior noted in this thread. Today I saw a great example. Odrive was uploading 20+ files simultaneously from different folders. As a particular folder’s files were fully uploaded, odrive dropped the upload slot. Going through our router logs I saw that odrive uploaded at a rate of 3.25 +/- 0.15 Mbps per upload slot. Our network capacity wasn’t strained by odrive uploading many streams at once let alone a single file poking along. Both more upload slots and an option for more aggressive bandwidth utilization would improve a very useful product.


How do I change the number of concurrent files that odrive will upload? Right now, it’s only uploading 2 files at a time, even though my upload is set to un-throttled. Using odrive on a Mac with a single Amazon Cloud Drive account. I thought I remember seeing the option to change concurrent file uploads in the menu but can no longer find it.

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odrive will currently limit concurrency based on upload speed of some sample files. The aggregate is capped at 100MB, although there are some cases where this can be exceeded. Amazon Drive is an integration that seems to have a fairly low single-file upload rate, which ends up limiting concurrency with the current logic.

We will support manually setting concurrency in the future, so that users can tune it for their specific environment and linked storage.

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