Limit Amount of Files being Uploaded at a Time

I’d like to be able to limit the amount of files being uploaded from 18 to 4, but having an option to choose how many can be uploaded (or fewer than the maximum amount) would be great in some cases, because if I’m cancelling an upload, at least I’ll have more files that were uploaded than 18 files that were partially uploaded and will have to be reuploaded later.


Hi @slowdriver,
This request is similar to this one: Adjust Simultaneous Connections (concurrency) for UL/DL except in the opposite direction for concurrency.

We are currently working on functionality in this area and plan to offer better control over transfer concurrency.


It is nice that you’re working on it. I am forced to wonder, however, how hard can it possibly be, what are the technical issues that you’re facing on deploying this basic feature?


This is part of a larger project and the dependencies are such that it cannot be released without everything else.

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I’m looking forward to this feature. I’d like to control the number of simultaneous uploads for a given storage provider.

Specifically, my problem is that my AWS S3 provider is choking on multiple large uploads. They upload to 100%, then fail. The workaround is to manually limit the number of uploads, by drip-feeding each file into my odrive folder. If I copy them all in at once, it chokes and fails.

While this may be symptomatic of some other issue with odrive or S3, controlling the simultaneous uploads for S3 would solve the immediate problem for me.

Thanks for the feedback @timothy.asquith. In addition to more control, we are also working on some other techniques to create more reliable uploads.

Is this feature updated in the present version of odrive?
Can I limit the number of file uploads to 1 from 4? @Tony

Hi @r6han768,
The latest odrive versions have configuration files located in the root of the odrive folder that offer some advanced configuration options. Premium users have access to advanced transfer configuration settings in the file: “odrive_user_premium_conf.txt”.

If you double-click on that file to open it, you will see a couple of items at the bottom: "maxConcurrentUploads": 4 and "maxConcurrentDownloads": 4.

Change the 4 to a 1 for both settings, save the file, and then restart odrive. (There is currently a bug that has transposed the two in a scenario of the transfer flow, which is why I say to also change the maxConcurrentDownloads setting. This will be fixed in the next release).

Making these changes will restrict uploads to one file at a time.

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We have added some additional advanced options in our latest release for managing upload and download concurrency, as well as fixing the previous bug mentioned: Desktop Release (02-25-2020) Win v.6524 / Mac v.6616

To ensure that only 1 file is ever uploaded at a time you can set the options like so:
"maxConcurrentJobs": 1
"maxConcurrentUploads": 1