Yandex wont upload big files

Heres diagnostics file
current_odrive_status.txt (3.7 KB)

Hi @zoom.flash0,
Is this a recent development, or the first time you’ve tried to upload large files?

It looks like we may be timing out the connection waiting for a response from Yandex. We’ll try to reproduce the behavior and see what we find.

It’s a first time. I can’t upload even from web, but small files uploading just fine.

Hi @zoom.flash0,
I’ve been testing this today. Increasing the timeout allows the upload to continue, but man is it slooooow. I think Yandex is trying to discourage large uploads.

They seem to allow a relatively quick upload up to around 30MB and then they will “hang” for several minutes before allowing another 10MB or so to upload. Then another “hang” and so on. I’m trying to upload a 2GB file right now but it is probably going to take over a day at this rate. :frowning:

In any case I will try to get a build out for you to test so you can try with the increased timeout.

Thx for testing, i think yandex wants us to force using their official client (

Hi @zoom.flash0,
Our latest versions extend the timeout to deal with this strange behavior from Yandex.