XMP files not allowed during backup by odrive

I am a new user of odrive and using it to back up images to Amazon Drive however I notice today that I now have 228 files that are not allowed - I suspect it is more than that as it never gets higher but the file names change. These files with one exception are the XMP files that attach to my Nikon RAW files after editing.

This is a major issue if the program rejects these sidecar files. Amazon allows them so why is odrive saying they are not allowed.

If you click on the file listed in not allowed it will give you a reason why. Can you take a look and see what it says?


Ok - seems the problem is with Amazon and what they consider as pictures. They don’t regard psd files as images or the xmp files that are associated with RAW camera files and they count these as data, subtracting it from the rather paltry 5gb General data allowance that you get with ‘unlimited’ photo storage. The net result is that the Amazon drive is reporting full for anything that isn’t a jpg or nef.

It would also appear that odrive doesn’t copy the folder structure into Amazon instead just placing all files into a single folder - rather difficult when there are 20000 images to work with, not sure how I would recover images into the same structure in the event of a disc crash - any ideas?

odrive does copy the structure (unless amazon is doing something really strange after sync), but you will need to look at it using the “all files” view in Amazon Drive’s web interface, if that is what you are looking at ( https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/folder/root ). You can also use the odrive web app to take a look ( https://www.odrive.com/account/myodrive ).


Thanks again for your help - you can indeed see the folder structure, though Amazon don’t make it easy to find it - in fact little about Amazon Drive seems easy :frowning:

I wonder if it is possible to filter file types out from within odrive? with more than 20000 image files to work with, with smattering of avi files amongst them, it would be really useful to prevent the copying of avi and mov files, though there are some others I would prevent also - is this possible?

If not, is a feature request?

There currently isn’t a way to perform any sync filtering, but it is something we plan to offer.