Would like to keep a local copy of the file on HD even after clicking Unsync

Is it possible to keep all local files on your PC…even after you click unsync?

The purpose of unsync is to remove the local copy and replace it with a placeholder file that represents the remote data. If you want to keep your files local you just need to avoid issuing an unsync command on them.

Can you clarify what your goal is?


Hey Tony, thank you for the quick reply. What I am trying to do is sync my local pictures folder… But I do not want to sync every single sub folder in my pictures. However, at the same time as I add new sub folders to the root picture folders I want those to sync automatically.

My particular instance is say I have my root pictures folder and subfolder A B and C… I want to sync A and B but not C… once I add subfolder D I want that to sync automatically without me having to do anything…

To accomplish this task my thought process was… I would sync the entire pictures folder then right click on the folder C and unsync it… Once I right click on the folder C and un-sync it it deletes my local folder.

does that make sense?… What is the proper way to do when I am trying to do if it is even possible… Thanks in advance for your assistance

Hi @jburger1981,
You can unsync a folder (C in your example), then resync it with only placeholders. This would leave all of the files as placeholders, but show the folders underneath (subfolder D). At that point you could sync all of the files in the underlying folder (folder D) without needing to sync the files in the immediate folder (folder C). This can be done manually and in the free version.

In our premium version, you can set sync rules on each folder so that one folder will never sync the files down (folder C), while another folder will always sync remote files down, including new files that are added remotely (Folder D). You can learn more about that feature here: