Works amazingly well

I have OneDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive (also a small Google Drive). I had previously done a manual upload of much of my data on two machines. With odrive I synced a lot of newer document and media files to these already created cloud folders. Odrive easily meshed in to this existing structure.

But more importantly, for my trial period I deliberately stressed the overall system by having odrive sync my W10 Local/AppData/Microsoft folder. That Office 365 folder is dynamically very busy with my subscription stuff. Plus six active Outlook mail accounts. This caused a ton of useless spurious traffic for a few days with all the constantly updating files and background system deletions in numerous folders. Pretty messy. The instructions suggest that this may not work well and cause “unpredictable” errors. However, it worked perfectly. The Amazon Drive copy was continuously maintained perfectly with no error messages nor snags in all the junk file uploads. Trash continuously had 200+ deleted files in it. There were no “busy file” complaints. This local machine did not feel bogged down, and my Internet seemed perfectly normal. Never noticed all the useless background busywork. No choppy YouTube videos, etc. It added many gigabytes to my Comcast tab. I can’t believe how seamlessly it worked.

So after a few days I did Remove Sync and deleted that junky folder from my cloud drive. Then I subscribed to Premium. This is a great product which I imagine will only get better. I decided I did want to keep copies of just my Outlook files, and I am doing that. As I mentioned in the Feature forum, I’d like to be able to set a sync schedule for some folders such as for Outlook to reduce spurious constant updating. Nevertheless, no matter what crazy stuff I do, there have been no errors at any time.

Next thing to try are my Linux machines.

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Hi @chaski,
Thanks for the feedback! It is great to hear success stories like these. It sounds like you are putting odrive through the wringer a bit :wink:

We still hold to our recommendation of being careful with “database-like” files, such that you would find for outlook, and not syncing them directly if you are using them actively, but every odrive user is different. We have to approach our recommendations with caution because of the large and diverse odrive user base. There are so many different use cases, workloads, dataset sizes, machine configurations, workflows, environmental constraints, skill sets, etc… It sounds like you have things dialed-in on your side, which is great.

Just let us know if you have any questions about Linux.


I’m in awe of how well this software worked in my cruel supermax stress test for the trial period. Use an i7 W10 desktop, Comcast (180Mbps down/12Mbps up), and Amazon Drive. Never a single hiccup.

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