Windows tray icon now gray instead of pink?

Hi. Did some searching to see if this has already been answered in the forums, but didn’t find anything relevant. Did the recent desktop sync app update (I’m now using 5354) change the color of the desktop icon? I was away for a couple weeks, and before I left, it used to always be pink. A small white dot/square would spin around the Mobius strip icon when a file was being sync’ed, but the icon was always pink. Now it is gray, and it seems to only turns pink with with the aforementioned small white dot when syncing. I just want to be sure that the gray color is not an indication of a problem. Thanks.

Hi @mc4tin,

Yes, this is expected (not an indication of any problem). We have recently made improvements to odrive tray icon and placeholder cloud file/folder icons.

You can always find the details about recent changes in odrive product below:

Note: odrive tray menu --> “Open announcements” option serves the same purpose.

Please let us know if you have any questions


  • Asif

I like the idea of changing color according to the program status, but grey is hardly viewable.

Hi @y2kbugleung,

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll follow up with the team regarding the tray icon color.


  • Asif