Windows Server Remote Web Access compatible?

I am trying to work out whether Odrive will work for me. I have an existing server setup using Windows Home server 2011 with Remote Web Access switched on. I can login remotely to my server to access my files using the Web Access but uncertain what protocol (if any even work?) to use to integrate this with ODrive. I tried the odrive server but that seems to be for an old odrive product rather than a web accessed server.
Hope you can help!

Hi @philipchild,
If your goal is to be able to sync to the data you have on that server, then you could use odrive for that. We no longer develop or support the odrive File Server, but we do support other standard protocols.

WebDAV is a protocol that folks have used, especially with Windows. I wrote up a thread with steps to install WebDAV support on a Windows Server and link it with odrive, if you want to take a look: