Windows PC mouse is jerky

Hi, when I sync the files on my Windows PC mouse is jerky. If I instead put in stop syncing your mouse will work normally.

Can you tell me what version of Windows you are running?
Is this when you are downloading files, uploading, or both?
Can you explain what you mean by “jerky”?


Hi Tony,
I have Windows 10. I only tried uploading files, so the problem is in the upload. With “jerky” I mean that the movement of my mouse isn’t regular and flowing.

Thanks you.

Hmm… Is this a wired, or wireless mouse? Are you using a wired or wireless network connection?

Have you noticed this behavior with other high-network activity applications, or is it specific to odrive?

I’m using a wired mouse and use a wired network connection.
This problem occurs for a bit 'of seconds after starting the synchronization with odrive, then returns normal.
But also it occurs at other times during synchronization.

Hmm… I have not seen any reports of this before, so it is difficult to say what might be happening. Is keyboard input affected too, or just the mouse?

Can you tell if closing Explorer after starting the syncs make any difference? I am wondering if the explorer extensions are affecting it at all.