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Two questions
We currently using the google cloud platform and would like to use oDrive as a front end for our employees
1 is there a way to map the Odrive to a network drive on a server that can be then distributed on a windows network?
2 is there a way to create access controls such as read only/ read and write with spaces/ can we map these on a windows server?

2.5 questions

I see 2.75 questions.

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Hi @nhutwelker,

  1. I don’t quite understand the use case here. Since odrive would act as the front-end for your employees you wouldn’t need to convert that into a Windows network drive. Are you looking to use Google Cloud storage for user home drives, or something to that effect? Why not just use only odrive for that, with odrive installed on each user’s system, syncing to your Google Cloud storage?

  2. Space do not yet have ACLs, although it is something we plan to offer in the future.

Im sorry I used the wrong terminology, we want to use odrive to connect to our windows network.

Is this scenario possible
we start at the google storage bucket
we use odrive to connect to our file server
is there a way to create a mapping to the o drive from our file server to our other computers within our internal network.

we are looking to move our archives and references documents to the google cloud storage while keeping a familiar UX so some of our older employees do not get confused .

we also need the ability to restrict write access, because the previously mentioned old people tend to delete things with in the files or remove the file all together or move things to places we cant find, but that doesn’t sound possible.

Hi @nhutwelker,
Are you looking at odrive as a migration tool instead of a user front-end to storage? I am still not quite clear where odrive fits in this scenario.

It sounds like you want to move to Google Cloud storage while keeping your existing Windows (SMB?) network shares mounted and available to your users, is that correct? There isn’t really a way to use odrive via a network mount type of interface, like typical Windows network shares, with drive letter mappings.

However, you can use odrive to interface to local server storage via WebDAV, FTP, or SFTP. If there was a WebDAV interface on top of your local server storage, for example, you can link that with odrive. You can find some information about that here: How do I setup a WebDAV Server on Windows and link it to odrive?

You could, of course, use odrive to interface to the Google Cloud Storage buckets (during and after migration is taking place), giving your users a Windows Explorer-based interface, although placeholders will be a new concept. You can use Google Cloud IAM roles/policies to manage user access to the bucket(s), making them read-only, if you wish.

I may still not be getting the full picture here, so please let me know if I am missing the point here.

nope I got it thanks, i think webDAV is what we will use

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