Windows Explorer not showing pic previews

Picture icons are just showing the Odrive icon, not a preview of the pic file. Is there any way for Odrive to display this without downloading the whole pic file?

Hi @pete.donaldson,
You cannot view thumbnails for placeholder files on the desktop.

You can right-click on the folder that contains the images and select “Open Web Preview” to open that location on the web client and view the thumbnails there.

same here, there is a gallery view icon, but it does not work at all

Hi @dummy.gddy,
Can you clarify what gallery view icon you are trying to use? Does the “Open Web Preview” work for you?

Additionally, you can try the Windows odrive2 beta client to view thumbnails without download:

Hi Tony,
I click the icon as show in the image. And I want to share this gallery to other to preview. It is hard to ask other to install the desktop client to just preview the image.

Hi @dummy.gddy,
You can click on the V to access a menu for the folder you want to share. Choose “Share” to create a share link that you can give to other to view the files.


The people that have that link can browse the files with the gallery view without an odrive account.

Hi Tony,

I already did it but I found it failed to preview by others. It is unbelievable that it cant work.

Hi @dummy.gddy,
It looks like there is an issue when grabbing the previews from the provider. Can you tell me what storage provider you are using to host these files?

i m using google drive.

Hi @dummy.gddy,
We found a bug in Google Drive preview images and should be able to roll out the fix in the next few days. Thanks for reporting it!

look forward your update and thanks for your quick response. It is appreciated.

may i know if any schedule to fix this bug? thanks.

Hi @dummy.gddy,
It should be this week, hopefully within the next couple of days. We are just waiting for QA sign-off.

I got the news about the web gallery thumbnail issue fixed! Thanks.

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Thanks for confirming @dummy.gddy!