Windows 11 context menu

Hi, Odrive is my best cloud manager software so far.

Any setting that I could change to make odrive appear on windows 11 context menu. Or I have to stop using odrive on windows 11 until the developer add compatibility for windows 11 context menu? I saw that winrar has add the context menu for windows 11 in its new beta 6.10. Hope that odrive will add it soon

Beside that I think developer is a bit slow to address some user feedback. To me it make the software gos backward a little bit compare to fast growth of the other competitor. This feedback I summit is long time ago but still has no fix today. But now the new issue occur is context menu for windows 11
Better context menu icon for Windows dark mode - Troubleshooting - odrive Forum

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Hi @osuki9x ,

The context menu options still exist in Windows 11, but Microsoft has reorganized the context menu view. Application-specific context menu options are now buried under “Show more options”:

If you click on that option, you should see the Odrive context menu options. There are ways to restore the old view if you find the Windows 11 change annoying… you can open a web browser and search for “windows 11 context menu always show more options” or something similar. They currently involve making a Windows Registry change, so there’s no easy out-of-the-box way in Windows 11 of doing it. But there are quite a few websites that make it easy to make the change such as by running a cmd script.

Let us know if you have any trouble locating the context menu options under “Show more options” or if you have any other questions.