Windows 10 desktop sync can't login

HI I’ve installed the desktop sync app for odrive on Windows 10. The setup was successful. However when continuing with the setup w/the web account (Gmail) I receive an error login can’t connect. Odrive is running from taskbar but there is no authorized user, nothing is sync’d. I can log into the web account through odrive. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled as well as downloaded the installer X2. Hoping you can help.
see attached

Are you using a proxy server or any other network piece that could be interfering with the connection?
Additionally, so you have any anti-virus or endpoint protection running? We have seen those block the connection, on occasion.

HI Tony, thanks for the reply. I have a local proxy only, I have turned off the proxy and windows firewall. The problem as above remains. This is the same setup I have on my home laptop. This is an older 32 bit laptop. Would this make a difference, is there a limit to the number of PCs allowed or whether its a 32bit vs 64bit?

No restrictions and 32 bit should work fine. Let’s see if you can send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu.

When you click on set up odrive and then go through the prompts, at what point does it give you that error?

HI, I get the error right after "getting started"
diagnostic sent

Unfortunately it didn’t come through, which generally means that something is preventing the app from connecting.

You mentioned another system. Is that working with odrive on the same network?
Is it possible to login as another windows user to see if the problem persists?

This is all very curious. The other system is configured exactly the same and is working. I cannot figure out where odrive is being blocked. The long and short of it, I’ve done a clean install of windows and odrive is now working with the local proxy in place. One of those windows mysteries. I bit of a harsh approach to fixing something that seemingly looks simple…but it worked. Thanks for your help.

I appreciate the follow-up. The old “nuke it from orbit” solution. :slight_smile:

Sometimes it is the easiest course of action when dealing with an elusive problem like this, although it is hard for me to deal with sometimes (sounds like you too). I am always compelled to find out the why … but, sometimes, that way madness lies.