Windows 10 Blank/White Dialog Popups

Has anyone else had issues on Windows 10 with odrive dialog popups? For example, if I choose to sync deletes the confirmation box looks like this:


This happens with all of the dialog boxes, even when I installed odrive. If it helps, I have version 6358 of odrive installed.

Any ideas?

Hi @travvt,
I haven’t seen this before for the odrive app. I have seen problems similar to this, just in my own Windows use, that were related to a graphics driver issue or some other resident driver/application that affected the UI graphics in some way.

Has it been this way since you installed odrive, or did it occur sometime afterwards?

Can you tell me what your display setup is? (# of monitors, screen resolution, graphics card)

Hey @Tony,

First, thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile: It has been like this since installing odrive. I have a Lenovo T460s laptop, two external monitors, and the graphics card appears to be Intel HD Graphics 520.

I hope this helps!


Hi @travvt,
Does it make a difference if you disconnect the external monitors?

Have you tried upgrading the video drivers on that system yet? Usually these types of issues are video driver-related.

Another thing we can try to narrow it down is run odrive with a different Windows user account. If the issue doesn’t occur with the other user then it is something specific with the Windows user environment.

Hey @Tony,

I rebooted my machine and the white dialog boxes now have the text showing! Not sure if there was an update or if it was just something with my machine. Either way, it’s working! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and time.

Great! We didn’t have an update yet this week (I expect one soon, though). I’m not sure what the deal was there, but I’m glad to hear its working. Thanks for the follow-up @travvt.