Win 7, Sys Tray shows multiple icons of odrive

I just started with free account of Odrive on windows 7, linked 5 hotmail onedrive accounts … it worked, but the system tray is flooded with multiple icons of odrive.

Some do not respond with right click. Some respond with right click and I can exit them but then I think that the syncing will stop for them

How can I reduce it to a single icon while keeping the sync for all the multiple accounts active?

Hi @niceperson,
Yes this is odd. You should only see one tray icon.

When you get a chance, can you try restarting your computer and then seeing what the behavior is. The expectation is that odrive will start up automatically when you log back into the system after the reboot and you should only see one icon from that point on.

Thanks Tony for your reply. After restart one icon shows. Then after a while more icons show up. Sometimes they show red color then go back to grey.
Kindly advice.

Hi @niceperson,
odrive has two processes. One is the tray menu app (odrive.exe), which provides feedback and control for the main app. The main app (odriveapp.exe) is what does all of the heavy lifting.

In the task list of processes you will see odrive.exe and odriveapp.exe. You should only see one of each. I have not been able to reproduce a situation where multiple odrive.exe processes are running yet.

When you look at the task manager as the processes, how many instances of odrive.exe and odriveapp.exe do you see?