Will same folder name sync by add up the old one?


If I have a folder [ Thailand > Trat ] from my -1st External Hdd- already synced with Cloud,
and I sync my 2nd External Hdd labeled Trat (same name with my 1st Hdd but new pictures in it) in Thailand’s folder.

Will they add up ?


Hi @Chillpainai,
I’m not sure if I have the scenario clear, but it sounds like you are going to replace the hard drive with newer content on it, but it will be mounted to the same place.

I assume your configuration currently looks something like this:
(local) HDD1/Trat ----synced to odrive —> odrive/folder/Trat
This first drive has been synced to the cloud already

You now want to do this:
(local) HDD2/Trat ----synced to odrive —> odrive/folder/Trat

Is that correct?

This can work, but you are going to want to right-click-> “Remove sync” on HDD1/Trat first. You will then hook up the new hard drive and recreate the “sync to odrive” relationship on HDD2/Trat, pointing it to the same location.

The reason you want to do it this way is that you want odrive to “forget” about the previous “sync to odrive” state. If you just swap the drives then odrive is going to look at the local disk and remote storage and compare it to what it knew before. It will see that files are now missing from the local drive and assume that you have deleted them and want to delete them on the cloud. You don’t want that, obviously.

If you remove sync first, odrive will forget about that relationship and what it looked like. When you recreate the “sync to odrive” relationship, odrive will treat both sides as “new” and merge the content. It will upload what is new on the local drive and create placeholders for the remote files that are not there locally.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.