Will odrive upload files that already exist in Amazon?

Hi I am New here… I have photos already on Amazon drive, will syncing with Odrive upload everyone again, or just those not already on Amazon drive? I have them in many folders, and have deleted the amazon drive app in order to use odrive

Hi @jenny.cottingham,
odrive sync behavior depends on how the data is introduced to the odrive Desktop client.

Can you tell me how you plan to use odrive and how you will add your data to the odrive folder(s)? That will give me a better basis to determine what the reaction will be and how you can adjust it to prevent reupload.

Hi Tony
Thank you for the reply.
I downloaded odrive, I linked my email for amazon drive… which it seemed to find and populate the local folder with marker files.
I then right clicked the actual folders on my PC and set auto sync.
I hoped that it would see that folder existed in the odrive folder and only upload to amazon the missing files, and put empty markers for those files in the odrive folder.
I dont know if that makes sense, but I dont seem to have anyway of checking this, and Im not sure of the upload speed etc.

Many thanks

Hi @jenny.cottingham,
It sounds like you used the “sync to odrive” (righjt-click->sync to odrive) feature on folders that contained items that may or may not have already been uploaded to Amazon Drive, and pointed those folders to their corresponding cloud folders.

Is this correct? If so then this should give you the result you want, where files that are already uploaded are not re-uploaded.

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