Will edited un-synced files stay synced to the cloud?

I have a question regarding un-syncing files. I wanted to know if I un-sync a file in odrive to save space on my hard drive and then edit that file (say it’s a microsoft doc) will the changes stay synced in the cloud? I want to be able to edit files and keep them synced in the cloud but don’t want to have them taking up space on my hard drive.

So basically, If I make a change to an un-synced file will the changes stay synced in the cloud or do I have to re-sync the file I make changes to?

Hi @karliekramer,
If you want to update a file located in odrive on your computer you will need to have it cached locally first, so the data is available to view and edit. After the file has been edited, the changes will automatically sync to the cloud and a green check will appear on the file. You can then unsync it to free up that space on the local hard drive, until you need it again.

If you wanted to edit that file again you would need to double-click the placeholder to cache it locally so you can edit it, and so on.

You can enable auto-unsync, so that files that have not been touched for a specified number of days will automatically unsync, freeing up your local hard drive space.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above.