Wierd file/folder names on S3


When trying to sync files/folders with S3 , we get files/folders with weird names such as “a81ebfe0-29b8-4ffe-adb1-40e70f47f3cd/”

However , when we create a bucket with public access , it doesn’t happen

Any advice ?


Hi @nir,
Take a look at this post, which I think is what you are encountering:

The configuration of the link to the bucket is as written “simple ‘/’ delimited” , and still in amazon s3 the sync folders and files are shown as “a81ebfe0-29b8-4ffe-adb1-40e70f47f3cd/”.

Hi @nir,
Changing the link type is not retroactive, so the files that were already saved in the “enhanced” format will remain that way. It sounds like the link may have been set to S3 Enhanced at some point, which writes the files to the S3 bucket in the manner you are describing.

If the link is currently set to simple, then new files will show up as a normal filesystem structure in Amazon S3’s browser. The old files in the enhanced format will still look the same. If you upload new files and folders, how are they appearing within S3’s browser?

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look at your configuration?

thank you now it is working

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Great! Thanks for confirming @nir!