Wierd Delete (or lack therof) for Google Docs

Interesting delete issue with the oDrive client in windows/ (bad actually)

This seems to happen in gdrive and teams folders. Will check dropbox in a minute.

First of all auto empty trash set to immediate

  1. delete files through file manager.
  2. sync starts
  3. Message about files not syncing because the are still in recycle bin.
  4. Empty recycle bin
  5. wait for a bit

  1. Files are still sitting in the trashbin folder of odrive.

  2. Click empty trash and sync all deletes.

  3. Empty trash deletes corresponding files from the source. Are you sure you want to delete source files?
    When you delete files, odrive does not synchronize the delete with the source. Instead, odrive holds the delete in the trash to let you recover from the source if necessary. Empty trash finalizes the delete.

  4. Click empty trash

  5. Get this …Restored deleted item Untitled spreadsheet.gsheetx.cloud.
    Please manage and edit your Google Doc files via the Google Drive web client.

  6. files get restored.

Hi @chip,
Thanks for the detailed explanation.

We don’t allow manipulation of google doc files (gsheetx, gdocx, gformx, etc) through odrive. We basically made them read-only from the perspective of the odrive desktop client. We put this safe-guard in place a while ago to prevent odd behavior with Google Doc files, which are not “real” files in the sense that they only exist remotely. Google treats them differently and we had observed odd behavior, at times, when user’s intentionally or unintentionally tried to manipulate them.

Apologies for the confusion.

Yet there is a serious problem here. I have 128 files in my trash bin. When I try to empty the bin, odrive will delete until it gets to the next Google Docs or Sheets file, then it displays the same error. Then, it stops deleting the remaining files! So the workaround is…

  • open the trash, and one by one recover the google files
  • reempyting the trash bin.
  • rinse and repeat until I have eliminated all google files, which are hard to spot and cannot be sorted or filtered

There’s not even a window to click multiple files at once to recover. I spent a long time cleaning up my drive; if recover everything in my trash bin as an alternate workaround, it will be very time consuming to go back and re-delete the legitimate files which came from a myriad of subfolders.

Oh and as an added “feature,” after every restore a file explorer window is opened to show me where I’ve restored the file. So I have to keep closing those too!

Hi @alexmartin.consultan,
Yes the handling here needs some improvement. I will try to get something in for the next release so that it will skip/bypass these google doc files when attempting to trash.

Hi @alexmartin.consultan,
A new version was released today that improves this behavior: