Why was the thread requesting a lifetime license removed?

There used to be a thread regarding a request for lifetime licenses here - https://forum.odrive.com/t/lifetime-license/1390/11

A number of users had requested a lifetime options and also gave feedback to odrive about their product pricing points. I believe it’s really high at $99 a year for basic functions that can be duplicated with open source projects.

At some point a mod has locked and hidden the thread. This is unfortunate behavior and seems the mods are trying to censor the idea and opinions of the community. If this is how odrive would like to conduct it’s business, it won’t be getting any money from me and I’d be sure to tell everybody I come across not to waste their time.

I’m disappointed, really thought odrive was better than this.

Have a great holiday and merry christmas everyone!

Hi @me2,
The thread was archived (it still exists, but is no longer public). It is one of the very, very few that have been archived in this way. If you do any browsing on the forum you can plainly see that we are very transparent and allow pretty much everything, as long as it is constructive.

One large reason was because we have some new pricing and plans on the way (in large part because we are listening very closely to user feedback), which will be sure to change the discussion, so the thread was not as relevant.

Another major reason was because the quality of the thread sharply declined. It was up for 60 days, and there were certainly good comments on the thread, and all of them were read. Unfortunately, the thread started degenerating into posts with non-constructive criticism, foul language, and competing product advertisements, with nothing new or insightful being added to the discussion.

If you would like to start another thread you are welcome to do so. I will probably add a disclaimer on it to try to prevent the same decline I saw in the previous one.

I would like to encourage you to wait for our upcoming updates in this area, though. There is bound to be more discussion based on the changes, and discussion at that time will be more valuable.

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