Why does odrive create copies on my PC's hard drive?

I would like to create copies of all of my pictures (currently stored on an external drive) on Amazon Cloud Drive. However, every folder I use odrive to sync between my external drive and Amazon Cloud Drive is also copied to my PC’s primary hard drive(C:).

Is there a setting I must change or a box I must check/uncheck so that a 3rd copy of all the folders is not generated on my hard drive during odrive sync?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions anyone may be willing to offer.

Hi @canyoncaz,
Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing on your system, for clarification?

It sounds like you are using “sync to odrive” to sync files from an external drive to Amazon Drive. If you are doing this, make sure you are not also having everything sync down from the “odrive” folder in your user home directory.

If this is the case, you can unsync the files in you “odrive” folder in your user home directory to remove those copies.