Why does it say I dont have permission to delete ? what kind of permission?

I have over 220 files that need to continue to delete from Odrive trash. My local trash is emptied. Says I dont have permission every time I try to batch delete or delete them one by one.

ALSO - How to delete from the “not allowed” list. They just hang out there.

Thanks so much I have been having these problems for a long time. I try shutting down the desktop app and reopening etc. Still the files won’t delete from the O drive trash - says I do not have permission to delete this file

thanks for advice on this issue. I am a HUGE fan of ODrive it has changed my life and saved me so much time!

Hi @sioux,
Do these files happen to be files that are shared with you on Google Drive? Unfortunately Google doesn’t have an API to remove files from the Shared With Me folder, so you will end up seeing this message when you try to delete those files. They can only be removed from the Google Drive web client.

For the not allowed items, you can have local or remote not allowed items. If you click on the listed item in the “not allowed” list, it will tell you why this item is not allowed.

Remote items cannot be created locally for some reason (almost always because of illegal characters). For those you will want to rename them on the cloud side to remove the characters they are having issues with.

Local items can be due to permissions, illegal characters, or lack of storage space.

nope they arent in google drive…cant batch delete them, when I try the first file pops up and says I dont have permission hmmmm

they were from box.com! when I unsynced the folders - the trash emptied :slight_smile:

Hi @sioux,
When you unsync it actually “forgets” the trash items in the unsynced folder, so those items will show up again if you expand that folder.

The next time you see this error, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and let me know so I can take a closer look?