Who has access to files

I understand Odrive does not keep a local copy of my data but do the Odrive support people have access to my files?

When the local client sync’s does Odrive retain (even for a brief period of time) any partial data files?

Hi Michael,
Thanks for reaching out.

No, nor do they have access to even a listing of your files.

No. Your files are never retained.

There are flows where your data is streamed (no retention) through odrive proxy servers. Here is a post that goes into that:

If you do not share your information does it ever go through a proxy server?

Where are the proxy servers physically located?

Provided the above is true could you provide a statement that says as much for us to show auditors?

Hi @michael.davis,

They are hosted on Amazon Web Services in the EAST-1 region.

Can you clarify what you are asking here?

You stated that there are streams that flow through odrive proxy servers. Then it mentions odrive spaces. I take that to mean if I do not use odrive sharing then I will always have a direct connection and my data would not flow through odrive proxy servers. Is that correct?

Hi @michael.davis,
That is correct. If you do not use Spaces then all data transfers on the odrive desktop client will be direct.