Which storage provider is best for reliable syncing?

I’ve been running into cases where local files seem to get out of sync with the remote storage(*). I can usually fix it by unsyncing and re-syncing the folder, but not always.

Are there certain storage backends that odrive is best at staying in sync with? I’m sure they all have their own API quirks and workarounds, but maybe some provide more useful API methods for monitoring changes etc. If there’s one that always works really well I’ll just use that one.

(*) I’ve tried Google Cloud Storage and Google Drive so far. One example of things getting out of sync: Vim made a temporary file and deleted it soon after. It ended up in Google Drive but not in my local odrive folder, and I couldn’t get it to show up locally no matter what I did. Another example: a few times the local folder got into some error state and warned me about deletion of files if I unsynced it, even though I hadn’t changed files.

Can you test the VIM case again see if the file is in the trash list? VIM deleted the file locally, but not before sync saved it to the cloud. The deleted file is being held in trash (just in case), which is also why you can’t get it show up locally.

When you unsync a folder, sync checks every file in the folder to confirm it is in sync. This prevents you from accidentally deleting files on unsync.

So something is not in sync. Can you check the “not allowed” or “waiting” list to see if any pending files?

If nothing is in there, it might be blacklisted files. Go ahead and force unsync. Sync will move any files it thinks are dirty into the OS recycle bin. Check the recycle bin to see what it thought was dirty.

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Ah, that was it.

The odrive trash feature keeps tripping me up. First I have to remember to empty the system trash, then wait 10 seconds for odrive to notice, then tell odrive to empty its trash. I’m sure I’m going to forget to babysit the trash and then my local files won’t be an accurate representation of the remote files, and my other computers will be littered with little temp files.

In this case Vim quickly created and then deleted the file directly (bypassing the system trash) and I didn’t realize I needed to look in the odrive tray 10 seconds later and empty the trash.

I also thought file renames were sometimes broken but I think it was another case of not realizing I needed to empty the odrive trash.

Seconding the request to be able to disable the trash. :slightly_smiling: Or at least make the tray icon indicate when there’s trash.