Which Explorer alternatives work with odrive?

Has anyone taken stock of which Windows Explorer alternatives work well with odrive? For instance XYplorer will not show the odrive additions to the context menu, nor show the folder overlays to indicate sync status. Altap Salamander shows both but will not show odrive as a top level drive.
Is there a list of fully suported explorers?

Hi @crystalvisions.nl,
The only officially supported and tested file manager is Windows Explorer. We are using shell extensions to provide the functionality, so I imagine that any managers that can load those may also work.

Hi Tony,

I understand it’s not up to you guys and that it depends on how such file managers are implemented. Not all of them use shell extensions (which sometimes is a benefit for speed), hence my question if anyone has tips on which work best with odrive.

I’ve found Directory Opus, which does fully support it and has some great features, but it’s not cheap.