Where is the Link Management?

I love the idea of this, but the implementation is still not exactly user friendly and the documentation isn’t great because it bears little resemblance to the actual software. I use Odrive to backup important stuff so I really don’t like the amount of guesswork involved.

I created an odrive account a year ago and linked it to 3 separate google drive accounts. I’ve not touched it since, although I have modified the files.

Now i come to look at it, and it tells me to update, which I do! I then wanted to check the linked accounts, but NOWHERE can I find what they are - the menu option “Manage Links” doesn’t exist anywhere. If I got into the browser view, all I see is a list of Google Drive icons, and the name I gave them - the account email is not visible.

I have blue ticks on all the folders in the Odrive folder which I guess means they are synced somewhere, but HOW do I manage this??

Finally, if I uninstall odrive and delete the Odrive folder, will it delete the files on the server?? Starting again may be the safest/easiest option.


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Link management is handled on the website under “sharing”. This should have all the links you’ve shared. You can manage them from there.

The blue ticks means they are all synced. If you go to a folder with the blue tick, you can right click on it and then choose what you want to do with it. Sync, Share, Share Storage, etc. etc. It will take you to the odrive website to create those links.

If you uninstall odrive and delete the odrive folder, it will not delete the files on the server. Be sure to shut down odrive first(right click systray icon, choose exit), the uninstall the program, then delete the odrive folder…nothing will happen to your files.

Better yet, if you should disconnect your storage through the website first, then uninstall to be completely safe.


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