Where can I find the windows client version number?

I thought there might be an ‘about’ or another menu item where I could view the current version of the odrive windows client running. Since I don’t see anything like that, how can I tell what version is running?

I’m interested in knowing the version just to confirm that auto-update has updated my machine, and also in case I have to report any bugs.


Hi @mark.ericson,
You can find the version in the odrive menu between “Authorized User” and “Send Diagnostics” towards the bottom.

Thank you, but I was more hoping there was maybe a copy of the files somewhere just in case I needed to look at them.

Hi @mark.ericson,
Can you clarify a bit for me? I don’t understand what you are looking for.

I’m looking for the current version # odrive Windows client preferably from the odrive icon context menu. Most applications have an ‘about’ menu item to provide information about the app.Also, so I can check myself if I’m on the latest version.

Why? So I can check myself if I’m on the latest version. Or report the version # with bug reports.

Hi @mark.ericson,
Here is a screenshot of the version number on the Mac client (was most handy right now), but its the same on Windows. It is right above the “Send diagnostics” option.