When resyncing and unsynced folder is it possible to have all items in folder resync at once

Hi there, I am looking to unsync some of my many folders to create more harddrive space. However, in running a couple of test it appears that if I choose to unsync a folder… if I need those contents accessible on my machine again, I would have to drill down to every single individual file and “double click” to open each individual file? Is there no way that when I open a folder all the contents in the folder can resync?

For example I have a folder of 2nd shooting jobs, in that folder are 26 folders of individual jobs, in each of those 26 folders there could be 2000+ individual image files? The unsync feature is useless if I have to physically resync every single file. Should I ever need a particular folder again, I might have to go through many multiple folders and then finally have to individually click some 2000 files. :flushed:

Additionally I guess really I need to know is there a way to sync them back to my machine as they were without actually “opening” each file. I don’t need it to open, I just need it live on my machine again, so I can look through and see if there is something I need etc. Not open each individual file.

Hi @mandyhart80,
If you right-click on an odrive folder (normal folder or a .cloudf placeholder file for a folder) you can select “Sync” to bring up a sync windows that allows you to specify how you want to sync the items inside that folder.

So, in your example you could right-click on the folder of 2nd shooting jobs and select “Sync”. On the windows that pops-up you would slide the slider all the way to the right for “Everything” and click on “Include Subfolders”. This will download everything underneath the folder you right-clicked on.


I also create a couple of videos that go through the essentials on MacOS and Windows. Here are the relevant sections of the videos for syncing folders:
Windows: https://youtu.be/U3yVCtOcZTM?t=133
MacOS: https://youtu.be/HgXG8kUFtvI?t=127


Thanks for the response. One further question… when I say download everything versus say… selecting all placeholders in a folder and then double clicking to “open” them will this right click sync method just make the files live again but not for example try to “open” each file in say a preview application on my machine? When I tried earlier with selecting multiple and double clicking it then actually opened each file in the preview application, so there were like 76 individual files open. :grimacing: I just want to make sure I do the process right so not to crash any applications and cause bog down.

Hi @mandyhart80,
The right-click->sync actions will not open any files (as opposed to double-click to open). I should’ve started the video just a bit earlier because I mention that bit just before going over folder syncing :smile:

To summarize:
double-click = open in appropriate app (to simulate typical local file interactions)
right-click->sync = sync without opening

Thank you so much!! So helpful.

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No problem @mandyhart80!

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