When odrive launces Exlorer.exe crashes, every time


I noticed that every time I boot Windows 10, explorer.exe crashes after about 10 seconds. This is visible by the taskbar and desktop icons momentarily disappearing. After explorer.exe crashes, my touchpad and audio drivers stop working, and I have to manually restart them. It is very annoying

After troubleshooting and narrowing down the problem, I found out that odrive is causing this. Odrive is set to start up when Windows does. Disabling odrive prevents the explorer crash. In addition, if I launch odrive mannually after the computer is started, the same thing happens: explorer.exe crashes and my touchpad and audio drivers cease to function.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Does anyone have advice?

Hi Sean,
Can you verify that you are running the latest version of odrive (v4938)? You can find the version number listed in the odrive tray menu.

After explorer crashes once, do things then work normally when it restarts?

Hi Tony,

Yes, I am running the latest version.

Explorer works normally afterwards, EXCEPT that several services crash along with explorer and do not restart. These include my Synaptec Dell Touchpad service, my Dell Audio service, and the NVida background service.

In order to get these services running again, I need to manually start them. My touchpad does not work properly until I manually restart the Synaptec driver.

I just ran the “Repair” function via Programs and Features. It seems to have fixed the issue!

This actually sounds like it may be due to a bug that was recently introduced that will restart Explorer when odriveapp launches, even when it shouldn’t Normally we need to do this when registering Explorer extensions, but it only needs to be done very occasionally. The end result is very similar to what you are describing. This will be fixed in the next release.

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