When moving multiple folders inside another folder odrive fails

It doesn’t recognize i moved the folder, instead it creates them as copies in the Gogle Drive space, and schedule a delete of the previous location. That caused a mess in my accoounts, Now folders are not consistent between two devices and the cloud, each folder shows different content.

What is the proper way of moving folders?

Hi @cablop,
This can happen is odrive isn’t able to optimize the move so that it detects that a folder moved from one location to another vs a folder being deleted in one location and added in another. It depends on a number of factors. Since odrive can only look at the current local filesystem state to determine what happened, it can miss the correlation.

The best way for odrive to optimize the move is to perform the moves after exiting odrive, and then starting odrive again. For highest probability of a smooth move, it should actually be done in the cloud, where the authoritative data exists, via the service’s web client.

Apologies for the inconvenience on this one. This is something we have improved in the next generation product.